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 Post subject: the size of boards
PostPosted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 9:39 am 
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I found that you can make a larger boards and have much strategic elements in the game in a larger board. I like to play with larger musters as discussed in other posts, usually about 12 to 16 units,3 to 5 heroes and seldom a complete starter more themed so there'll be more of one type of unit, like Wallace's Army which is full of all low born units against you English long shank Army full of English units(no flael at all). But even when I play with a smaller war bands I have found that a larger board is very helpful.

I do not always physically reproduce the board that is inside the computer, like a row of mountains(obstacles) on either side of the play area, I usually put some cliff wall terrain pieces on the edge of the last tile.
I also like to add an extra row behind the deployment zone. Since I normally play on a 6 x 8 deploy units on the first two rows giving the front edge of the deployed units the same distance as in a 4 tile deep board, but adding an extra row in the game though I seldom need to physically represent it, allows a player to play a very defensive strategy where they can retreat their weaker elements back in the endgame, or have time to rally their troops, if they flee. Usually at that point the aggressor has moved most of its elements forward and if necessary you add the tile row when needed.

Also on a large board you can deploy in a couple of different zones, armies do not always face each other on two sides of the battlefield sometime you have units hidden in the forest or reinforcements coming from an unforeseen direction and on a tiny 4 x 5 battlefield is hard to represent that accurately.

a wider board allows your faster moving elements to go wide and flank a board that is not wide enough limits everything to basically moving forward.

Obviously if the battlefield is too deep, the game gets real boring where either side spends all its time moving, so I usually never have more than three tiles, of space between the front elements of the opposing armies. With the one exception of a scenario where a small defending war band is attacked by a large attacking Army that has to travel through swamps or difficult terrain to get the defending unit. The defending unit spends all of its time attempting to whittle down with missile fire the attacking unit. it's a fun and historically realistic scenario. And in a campaign that small defending unit can weaken the opponents Army to the point that they will lose the next battle.

Historically the generals would not battle in unfamiliar terrain, but would through scouting find a suitable terrain for their strategic objectives, I've outlined several pieces of terrain in the campaign rules, but I hope to make a index of all sorts of terrains that help facilitate certain military objective scenarios.

As to how to physically represent larger boards, if you have a battle map you can easily copy one section and make tiles on laminated card stock to add to your map. Even though I have two complete game boards, I have made 9 x 9 tiles for different terrain features,found pieces of plywood the right thickness cut and glued them together.

Once I get everything unpacked out of my big 40 foot truck ( which has my laboratory filling most of it) I will take pictures of the tiles, I'm still hoping to make a large sand table for Exillis but they'll have to wait for the day that I have a gaming room again.

I encourage everyone to experiment with larger boards, so they can experience a little more of how terrain effects the strategy of the game.


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