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 Post subject: how to build a custom Army and win
PostPosted: Fri Nov 11, 2011 7:43 pm 
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the beauty of tabletop miniature gaming is to have so much fun putting together painting and custom designing miniatures when you can turn them into a cohesive force. when you can have an army that is visually pleasing and can win more battles than they lose, you're in the bliss zone of gamming.

So we have all these faction choices that we can build an Army around, you have to play enough games to level up your armies and gain enough Gold to buy the proper equipment. One of the nice things about having several starters is that every time you play a game every unit gets points, so you get a lot more points if you have three starters than if you just have one.

The best thing is to get a couple of friends, whether in person or online each with three starters and then trade the units you don't want for the units you do. once you have your theam idea and units from the starter start getting the extra units that will make your Army perfect and whole. As I discussed earlier when each side has a larger Army to play your strategy doesn't fall apart if you lose a single unit like it does in the smaller games. In the starter Who ever takes out the FC and billmen first wins.

I know I'm a little extreme :oops: but to give you an example of how I've arranged my models and units to maximize their use.

My first Army was an all Jewish Army led by the mad Rabbi, and since then have made a Scottish army, British Army, dark Army, angelic Army, and then I have painted a bunch of shields with most of the different factions that stick to the models magnetically so by changing their shields and banners I can field several different factions, I have painted the units in colors that would go with those factions, like: red & gold, blue & gold, green &yellow, red & blue, white & blue.

I have five starters and my son has five starters, plus 4 or more of each additional unit. ( trying to save my quarters right now for 4 units of beastmen 8-) ) this gives me five skill trees per unit to use so each of the all three skill trees branches I have at least one of that's why having three of each unit in your Army really helps.

One unit per unit type has been to the cave at the estate several times and is now at level 75 , one at level 60 , one at level 50, one at five levels above its normal, and the rest at whatever their original unit leveled up at. this way I can play them as an elite unit in different game scenarios.

So the models themselves, are arranged by their theme of the Army, I choose, but the unit stats, I can use units with different skill trees to fulfill their objectives then further refine their objective by the items that I put on them.
for: example a unit of Spearman that with the right skill tree and items can be beefed up to take the most severe punishment and endure, or I can use another skill tree and items and make the unit of Spearman very aggressive and damaging, So regardless of what visual theme the Army has I can pick the appropriate stat line for the objective of that battle.

this is obviously another reason why I don't like the graphics because my models and the graphics don't look the same, in less before each game I repainted the graphics.

Of course I like to theme the strategy also, my dark Army is has items to make them all intimidating terrifying foul things all beefed-up to scare the opponent even more. And the angelic Army is just the reverse, their morale is the highest based on the skill tree and items that I choose.

But assuming you're only going to have one Army you now have three skill trees to choose from for the units you have.

Regardless of what Army you need a core of men and arms, so that you can hold positions on the battlefield to maneuver the other elements into strategic wins. So most of my armies have three units of Spearman ( minimum) as their core within the support units to assist them, like artillery units, supporting monks, skirmishing units, magic users. And the final element is your decisive or elite units, units that deal high damage and high intimidation.
these are the units you want to protect in till they're ready to deal decisive and well-planned blows to the enemies strategy.these can be jacked up swordsman, bllimen. FC,The Angels and Nephilm and of course the emissary if you have him.

I use Soffrance like Spearman to hold the tile and take abuse

if my strategy is attack I'm going to use the faster moving elements, if defense I usually load up with cheap cross Bowman that protect the other units, sometimes six of them one in each tile across my front rank.

Hopefully this will stir up your juices to look at your armies in new ways and create a custom themed Army that will kick some butt


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