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 Post subject: Re: online league week 2 battle report
PostPosted: Fri Sep 10, 2010 6:39 pm 
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Here is my Battle Report from the Week Two Tourney (and link to the Wiki):

Special thanks to Melissa. It was really a great game, and I appreciated the sportsmanship and flatout fun we both were able to gain. Great scenario, great game! Thanks.

== Played Tuesday, September 7th, 2010 ==

''700 Points Common. ''

'''Wrigley's Muster:'''

General = Thaddeus, Level 8 Decurion (Legio Sancti) 97 points with retinue of Level 8 Evocati (104 points)
Level 8 Banaret (68 pts) plus retinue of Hobelars, level 7 (58 pts)
Level 2 Marenne (37 pts) with retinue of Swoardmen, level 9 (75 pts)
Level 7 Longbowmen (95 points)
Level 7 Billmen (65 points)
Level 5 Minores (49 points)
Level 7 Mangonel (52 points)
700 points total (667 basic plus 33 penalty)

'''Meltor_1's Muster'''

General = Decurion with 4 Evocati
Decurion & Billmen
Marenne & Swordsmen
Franc Chevaliers

Of course she is not my daughter, not really. But she has become all that a daughter would be to me. So I had to see her safe. Once again, I knew this would be a contested gauntlet, with my opponent attempting the same as me.

Both of us were conservative, keeping our daughters back and well defended. My mad Scotsman with his Hobelars attempted to position themselves to make a quick attach, but her crossbowmen anticipated the move and we held back. I moved my Longbowmen and Catapaults into the forest at the center of the map, hoping to give aid to my own advance along the Eastern flank while being equally able to harass her eventual approach, which we expected to come along our Western flank. What I could not know then was that the Catapaults would never fire a shot -- obstacles impeded their vision to the enemy, and wherever they could see, our own troops were deeply engaged in melee. The archers, however, would ultimately carry the day. It is strange as a general to plot and plan and find sometimes the smallest decision will turn the tide...

I did not like the beginning. we advanced, myself and my loyal Evocati moving Northward, half way across the field just East of center. We were on the ground, conserving our energy. I my enemy alight with four Angels of his own, with weapons and armor that immediately made me believe that these were warriors with more experience than my own. They charged and three of us felt the blows. My priests began their songs, inspiring our endurance and strength, but in a flash we were flanked by Heavy Cavalry and half of my accompanying angels fell. We had been but moments on the field and I will confess that I tasted fear.

We stayed on the ground and hit the horse hard, but none fell. My priests added songs of healing and my daughter faded into the woods with her guard of swordsmen. Would this be the last time I saw her face? I called and my Billmen entered the fight, giving me some hope, but the devil was in the fray and it was as if their pikes sliced nothing but air, and the only man to fall was one of my own. The lump of despair in my throat grew.

My archers took careful aim into the melee, and my Scots horse advanced to the West, hoping to find the enemy's daughter unprotected. Arrows flew over our shoulders and two of the enemy horse fell. For a moment at least, we could breathe. My enemy struck and two more of my pikemen fell. I could see his daughter retreating for deeper cover, and I felt I had no choice. I jumped into the air, my angels followed, and I called to my beloved, "To me." Our only chance was to have the blades of her retinue in the battle, else we would be picked apart. They didn't hesitate, charging in and killing another of the horse. The priests erupted in a final song to heal my three Evocati, an we struck, his angels finally feeling our anger.

His lone horseman struck, but we were hardening our lines and no more of our blood was shed. It was hard to see what was happening on the West flank. Her crossbowmen were attempting to position themselves with a crossfire, and my Scots were still moving to gain a line from which they could charge. Meanwhile, my enemy was forced to land, but his own billmen had arrived to join the fight. Suddenly it was clear that half of the armies on the field were engaged in a single melee! Two of my pikes and two of my swords fell in their charge.

We held our morale, my priests again began a song of healing, and we struck from the air, killing three of enemy pikemen and one of my foe's angels. My daughter offered healing to her swordsmen, who struck with great force, killing the last horseman, another angel and another pikeman. Suddenly half of her force was gone and hope began to grow in my heart.

The opposing general would not easily abandon the field, however, he took another of my daughter's swordsmen before my own billmen struck and my archers again rained carefully aimed arrows into our fight. Then for a moment there was a pause.

To the West, one of her units of crossbowmen charged my Scots horse, who retaliated, killing one. My priests added a song to strengthen our defenses, and her last unit of Arbalastiers charged, taking the place of the fallen cavalry. My own angels and I struck them, killing two, my daughter's swordsmen killed another enemy angel, and my archers again aimed into the fray. The nearly exhausted enemy billmen struck with all they had, killing one of my swordsmen and all but one of my own pikemen, who broke and was cut down trying to leave the field. It was still not clear who would leave the field alive this day.

My Scottish horse, who had fought so honorably in the ruins the other night, attacked fiercely, killing 3 of her crossbowmen, leaving three to run. The Scots killed two before the last escaped into the hills to the West. Just as I saw them pull up to rest, I, too, landed, and brought down my own angels, to fight from the ground. The battle continued, exhaustion a factor on both sides, my priests singing healing and strength, my archers continuing to fire again and again, tirelessly.

Finally, my mad Scotsman was ready to charge the enemy's daughter and her retinue of swordsmen, but they were in the forest, and this day, he was not to have the luck that was so with him the other evening. None of them fell at the charge, and her swords struck so fiercely that all of his Hobelars fell, and he was forced to retreat.

But just as suddenly, things began to turn in our favor in the great melee. My archers killed another of my enemy's angels, and the crossbowmen broke, retreating to join the daughter in the forest. My angels and I attacked again, my priests sang... we could feel them weakening. And like a flash an arrow flew and stuck my enemy in the heart and he fell. His lieutenant decurion broke and fled, leaving his daughter and her swordsmen to face us alone. I rallied my Banaret, who saw the decurion and his billman and the two crossbowmen retreating and attacked, keeping them from any chance of rallying.

Then it happened, my Longbowmen again aimed and shot, and this time my enemy's daughter fell and the swordsmen with her fled the field.

It was over. The arrows had won the day. We had not yet reached the place of safety for my daughter, but the field was ours and she was safe. I fell to my knees and gave thanks.


Wrigley won by 389 points, each of us were awarded 5 BP.

Meltor_1 received no Victory points.
Wrigley received 3 Victory points (Killed General and Marrenne, Thadeus lived.)

Indy's Local "Bleeding Edge Squire." Hey, we don't have to wait till GenCon to play this game!
23rd Place in the Inaugural Ex Illis Open Tournament!

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